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Phillip Hayes Jr.

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What year did you graduate?
Where are you from?
Danville, VA
What was your major?
Computer Science and Mathematics(Dual)
Do you have any advanced degrees?
Pursuing a Masters in Computer Science with a specialization in databases and security at
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. Tentative graduation December 2011.
What are you currently doing (professionally)?
Now, I am working part-time with Purdue’s Information Technology at Purdue Computer
Services and Purdue’s School Newspaper(The Exponent) as an online desk member while
pursuing my Masters in Computer Science. My focus is to work in industry upon graduation.
How would you describe DNIMAS to someone who doesn’t know about the program?
It is a program geared towards students who are passionate and have the desire to learn in the
hard science fields. It is a program that challenges students to be well rounded in all the areas
of science such as computational, natural, and engineering. It is an intense yet worthwhile
program that help students excel after their undergraduate career. It helps students gain
collaborative learning skills, build research and presentation skills, and sharing academic
knowledge to serving the Norfolk State community.
How did DNIMAS help you get to where you are?
Research – the ability to talk in front of people and present work in my particular area and
Networking – connected with people that are in my similar interest field and given me advice.
How did DNIMAS help you non academically/professionally?
It taught me that everyone is not your friend, and sometimes you have to survive on your own.
What activities did you participate in when you weren’t studying?
Association for Computer Machinery, IEEE, National Society of Black Engineers, Math Club,
and DNIMAS Student Association, GRACE Campus Ministries
What was your favorite DNIMAS memory?
When two of the coolest roommates of the 2007 class, Douglas Jones and Kelvin Turner, let me
borrow their dorm room to celebrate me and Brittany Stintson’s 21st birthday party. So much
evidence caught on film but the best time I ever had.
What did you least like about DNIMAS?
Staying in Tier 3!!!!! It will always be one class that I will get a C in or my gpa during midterms
was always falling below a 3.0 average to end up with 2 or 3 nights of study session. Waste of
time because the social events were happening on campus during study session time.
What do you think would be different about your life if you weren’t in DNIMAS?
I would have been working at the grocery store paying my way through college, as it was my initial plan.  I might have spent more time with social organization instead of focusing on my studies.  I might have decided to do I co-op to be guaranteed a job after I graduate. I would have not meet the goal-driven students like myself, and built a strong relationship of networking and helping each other to succeed. I was thinking about transferring to Old Dominion University after my experiences in the Twin Towers freshmen year.
Do you still keep in contact with people from DNIMAS?
Always!!!! Even though, I am in Indiana for graduate school, I call some people on the phone,
Facebook, Twitter, when I have school breaks, or visit who I can at that time.  Absorb as much knowledge and connected with so many people now because after undergraduate you will be out in the real world (industry, education, or graduate school) and everyone will not help you and see you succeed in life. These people in the program are your extended brothers and sisters that will look out for you whenever you need them.