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Nancy Gegbe

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Where are you from?
Mesquite, TX
Where are you currently?
Miami, FL
What year did you graduate?
What was your major?
Do you have any advanced degrees?
M.S. in Biochemistry at University of New Hampshire
What are you currently doing (professionally)?
2nd year medical student at Ross University School of Medicine
How would you describe DNIMAS to someone who doesn’t know about the program?
DNIMAS stands for Dozoretz National Institute for Mathematics and Applied Sciences.  It offers a full scholarship to promising students who are interested in these fields and have the plans to pursue professional degrees.
How did DNIMAS help you get to where you are?
DNIMAS to me was like a boot camp that trains you to fight in war.  It gave me the tools not just to survive but to conquer what may seem impossible.
How did DNIMAS help you non academically/professionally?
It helped me to be focused on a task, not be discouraged and to admit when you need help.  Learning this saved me from so many hardships.
What activities did you participate in when you weren’t studying?
DNIMAS student association, NSU Dance Theatre, Majestic movements at Gethsemane Fellowship Baptist Church, Pre-Med Society just to name a few.
What was your favorite DNIMAS memory?
My favorite memory was the spring banquet my senior year.  It made me realize that I met so many great people and that I had reached one of my goals in life.
What did you least like about DNIMAS?
I didn’t really like the study sessions so much because I can’t really study with a lot of people around me.
What do you think would be different about your life if you weren’t in DNIMAS?
I would be in debt and I probably would not have the education and the knowledge that I have today.
Do you still keep in contact with people from DNIMAS?
What advice could you pass on to current DNIMAS scholars?
Do not take this scholarship for granted.  It is a blessing to be paid to go to school for something that you are passionate about.  Many people would love to be in your shoes and I did not realize that until my friends from back home were struggling to go to school and to make ends meet.  This scholarship is a blessing and appreciate the time that you have with one another because you cannot make it by yourself.  Stay encouraged and encourage each other.