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Brittney M. Nobles

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Where are you from?
Where are you currently?
What year did you graduate?
What was your major?
Do you have any advanced degrees?
Not yet, but it is coming.
What are you currently doing (professionally)?
Doctor of Pharmacy; Mercer University; and in the process of securing a place in the joint pharm.d/ph.d program.
How would you describe DNIMAS to someone who doesn’t know about the program?
It is a program that allows students the opportunity to advance. Yes, the program offers a free science-based education, but it is more than that. DNIMAS provides options and perspective to students. The program provides a secure family for anyone who is willing to abide by a few simple rules. Lol
How did DNIMAS help you get to where you are?
Upon entering college, I had other plans after graduation that did not include professional school; my interests were in the arts. However, I had professors that urged me to continue with my schooling and reach for something higher than just an undergraduate degree. I studied profusely, enough to graduate as number one in the 2011 graduating class with a 4.0 GPA. Additionally, the program promoted post-graduate education, and now I am in pharmacy school.
How did DNIMAS help you non academically/professionally?
There were many things that that DNIMAS showed me that I was already privileged know; however. I cannot think of a particular instance where the program was a hindrance.
What activities did you participate in when you weren’t studying?
Being that I am in a sorority-Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.-I participated in a myriad of Greek activities. I loved spending time with my friends and doing cultural activities, such as going to plays (which were all paid for by the Honors College).
What was your favorite DNIMAS memory?
My favorite moment was second semester of senior year, all of it. It was such a beautiful and emotional time, especially closer to the end. This is when I made the realization that I’ll miss the comfortableness that DNIMAS provided tremendously.
What did you least like about DNIMAS?
APS!!! Also, I did not like that we could not chose our roommates or where we lived.
What do you think would be different about your life if you weren’t in DNIMAS?
I would have a bill for my schooling. Also, I do not believe that I would have attended NSU. I would have missed out on so many cherished experiences and friendships.
Do you still keep in contact with people from DNIMAS?
Of course. Being that I was with my DNIMAS family all day, every day, it would be difficult not to make friends. I still communicate with so many people, and I plan to always maintain those friendships.
What advice could you pass on to current DNIMAS scholars?
Don’t stress out about all the rules and protocols. In retrospect, they’re not that bad. Also, don’t forget to have fun. Undergrad is not that difficult compared to the next steps after NSU. Go out, enjoy being care-free. These are some of the best years if you allow them to be. Don’t be a hermit and only study; just maintain that 3.2 GPA! And lastly remember to “Behold, the Green and Gold!”

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