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Erica Veal

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Where are you from?
Portsmouth, VA
Where are you currently?
Portsmouth, VA (I love this place!!!)
What was your major?
Applied Mathematics
When did you graduate from DNIMAS?
Do you have any advanced degrees?
Masters in Optical Engineering and Computer Science, all from NSU.
What are you currently doing (professionally)?
Typing (tehehe…)  Maybe you mean what’s my job: I’m a Geometry Teacher turned Nuclear Engineer
How would you describe DNIMAS to someone who doesn’t know about the program?
DNIMAS is the best opportunity that you can ask for.  It allows you to make friends that will soon be pivotal people in your life as well as the world.  DNIMAS grants you a passage to worlds otherwise unknown.
How did DNIMAS help you get to where you are?
I wouldn’t have had a college education and learned about the world of education and opportunity.
How did DNIMAS help you non academically/professionally?
It gave me a whole host of friends that I proudly call my family.
What activities did you participate in when you weren’t studying?
Math Club, DNIMAS Student Association, NSBE, Society of Physics Students
What was your favorite DNIMAS memory?
Freshmen year…yes, the whole thing!
What did you least like about DNIMAS?
What do you think would be different about your life if you weren’t in DNIMAS?
I would be working at Wendy’s …still
Do you still keep in contact with people from DNIMAS?
What advice could you pass on to current DNIMAS scholars?
Education is taking advantage of all the time, take advantage of this opportunity….Oh and APS really does help in the end…hehehehe

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