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Nanna Frimpong

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What is your name?
Nanna Frimpong
What year did you graduate?
Where are you from?
Canfield, Ohio
What was your major?
Do you have any advanced degrees?
Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Epidimiology
What are you currently doing (professionally)?
Working at the Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as The Women’s Collective, a non-profit HIV/AIDS organization in Washington D.C.
How would you describe DNIMAS to someone who doesn’t know about the program?
It is a rigorous science, mathematics, and engineering program.  The program aims to prepare its students for graduate school and for the work force.
How did DNIMAS help you get to where you are?
After graduating from DNIMAS, I feel like I was able to accomplish anything.
How did DNIMAS help you non academically/professionally?
I met some great people that I still talk to and hang out with.
What activities did you participate in when you weren’t studying?
STARS tutoring, DNIMAS Student Student Assosciation, hanging out with friends
What was your favorite DNIMAS memory?
The first APS session of my freshman year.  It was quite eventful. :-)
What did you least like about DNIMAS?
There were changes to the program every semester.
What do you think would be different about your life if you weren’t in DNIMAS?
I don’t think I would’ve pushed myself as hard to be successful.
Do you still keep in contact with people from DNIMAS?
Yes.  I live with one of them, go to school with another, and hang out with a lot of others weekly.
What advice could you pass on to current DNIMAS scholars?
Enjoy your time there.  No rent, free food, and less work than grad school.

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